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Welcome 😉

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Sabra and I’m passionate about living a life of Fun, Freedom, Love and Joy. I’m a firm believer in Growth and constant Self-Improvement.



I believe that Self-Care, Exploration, Individual Spirituality and a Strong Support System are vital to living your best life.




Each of us gets to decide what we’re here for and how we want to shine our light in this world. 

Life Isn't Supposed To Suck.

This simple statement is at the heart of my core values. We aren’t here to suffer, sacrifice or play small. We aren’t here to fit a mold or compete or conform.


We are here to be FREE.


What gets me up out of bed in the morning is the powerful desire to create and to inspire. No matter who you are, where you come from, what you’ve done or not done — you have something in you that makes you special, that makes you valuable and that is just begging to be expressed in some way.


Let’s find it! If you are struggling with limiting beliefs or old “tapes” running in your head, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or burned out — let’s talk. Click below to schedule a 30 minute coffee (or any beverage) chat!


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Freebies and Goodies

Keep an eye out here for new freebies and downloads. I love creating new tools and resources so feel free to download one or all of whatever I have here!


Today I’m offering a FREE self-care worksheet to help you track your self-care. This is part of a larger project I am working on to promote self-care for busy women and women who struggle with taking time out for themselves.


Next is my LEAP mini-course. It’s got tools to help you let go of limitations, resentments and victim thinking while giving you tools to get into acceptance, gratitude and a miracle mindset.


Keep an eye on this space for more freebies and tools! 🙂

How’s your self-care routine? Do you HAVE one? If not, you aren’t alone.


Self-care is essential in order for you to be your healthiest, most energetic and bad-ass self. Skimping on self-care results in burn-out, resentment, fatigue and health problems.


If you struggle with getting that self-care in, download my FREE self-care inventory worksheet. It’ll help you create and track your self-care routine!