2018 Planning at its Simplest

Last year I purchased a big, fat planner with comprehensive workbooks to help me make 2017 my most productive, organized and amazing year ever!


I was so excited and wrote lengthy lists of goals, action steps and filled out weekly and daily to-do’s to get me closer to my master list of objectives for the year.


The problem is all that planning was heavy on doing, but not so much on being. I came across Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map and thought that focusing on feelings was a great idea. I’d also come across the “word of the year” concept and thought that was pretty cool, too. But still — I realized I didn’t need a bunch of workbooks and planners to make my year productive.


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE planners and workbooks, but this squirreI can turn anything into a distraction and a tool for procrastination!


So this year, I’m doing something different, and I want to share it with you.


Introducing my 3-page planner. Well, it’s really a one-page planner, a daily inventory and a daily to-do list. That’s it. Print them out and keep a copy of your yearly planning worksheet where you can see it. It puts the focus on your being more than your doing — and if you stick to that, you can’t go too far off course.


It’s simple: Choose your word of the year (mine is Exuberance) and write out a brief definition.


Write down a few words that represent how you want to be/feel. I chose words like: At ease, bold, adventurous, vibrant, expansive. (Is it possible to be relaxed and excited at the same time? Because that’s what I want.)


There is also some space to write down income goals. You could jot down what you want to receive per month, or how much you want to save and what you want to pay off, for example. If that doesn’t resonate with you — cross that off and use the space for something else.


Create some affirmations (or borrow some) that support your word of the year and goals for how you want to be.


Blissful visions are a space for manifesting your dreams. That trip to Paris? Starting a business? Writing a book? Climbing a mountain? Write it down!

Any questions? Feedback? Email me at skay@sabrakay.com or message me on Facebook!





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