What is your current content creation and management plan? How do you organize your blog and social media posts? Do you batch-create? Do you use an editorial calendar?

I ask because I’ve personally struggled with keeping my content creation and organization straight, which translates into a lack of consistency and productivity, and a sometimes haphazard feel to my sites. This is anxiety-producing, to say the least.

So, I have been working on ways to organize my personal content across both my websites and my corresponding social media accounts. Here’s what it looks like:

Brainstorming Content

This tends to happen in my handy-dandy old-fashioned notebook or Evernote. Because my two blogs have some overlapping themes, I often choose one main topic and create two posts that are a variation of that topic. I may focus on two different aspects of a single topic, for example. In my notebook, I brainstorm ideas, being sure that my ideas fall under at least one of the core categories that make up my sites.

Trello: Where Has It Been All My Life?

Yikes. Trello has been around for quite awhile now, but apparently I need a late pass.

I have Trello boards for both my sites and my YouTube channel. I have lists for post ideas, posts to be scheduled and completed posts. I can move my ideas to the scheduled list. and from there to the published list. I use this strategy for client work, as well.

Again, because there is overlap in my sites and my YouTube channel, I try to create somewhat of a “master post” for one site, then a related post for my other site, then a Video for my Youtube channel, etc.

Social Media Posts

It’s important to create separate posts for social media. I primarily use Facebook and Instagram. While I can (and until recently, have) just posted my latest blog posts to my FB business and community pages, I have since found out that Facebook does not like that — at all. In fact, you will find that you get even less reach when you do this.

Instead, Facebook favors native posts made especially for them. So, In addition to crafting a blog post, I also create a post for Facebook. Instead of linking to my blog, I can simply put a call to action letting readers know they can read a more in-depth post on my blog.

I also create a shorter post for Instagram.


This is all done in Canva, which allows me to create graphics for my blog, Instagram and Facebook all at once. I can create these in batches so that I have consistent branding on my sites and social media.


After I complete my blog post and social media posts, I create a YouTube video that contains much of the information in my posts. I can then take that same information and create live content on Facebook and Instagram.

This process works quite well in reverse, too.

You can go live on Facebook, engage with viewers and then save that video, post to your Facebook feed, edit and post to YouTube, transcribe it and create a blog post, social media posts, etc.

This method not only saves time, but allows you to deep-dive into a topic and craft posts on a single topic that works best for each platform.

Again, my primary tools consist of my analog notebook, Trello and Canva. My sites are this WordPress blog, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

So, let’s recap the steps I am taking:

  1. Brainstorm topics based on my core categories.
  2. List ideas in Trello to use as needed.
  3. Create titles and add them to the scheduled posts list. I can put a due date on each title and I use the calendar “power up” to create an editorial calendar. It’s super simple.
  4. When I publish my post, I move it to the “published” list.
  5. Create graphics in Canva for my blog post, Facebook and Instagram.
  6. Create mini-posts for Facebook and Instagram. Schedule and post.
  7. Finally, I create a YouTube video based on my post topic. I sometimes do a live video on Facebook as well.

It Still Sounds Complicated

It isn’t really. It allows me to create content that works for my blogs and social media channels. I take my core content and repurpose it across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I batch post graphics in Canva and plan everything out on Trello. I’m sure it’s not a perfect system, but it works for me.

How do you organize your content? Do you use an editorial calendar? Have you used Canva? I know some people prefer PicMonkey or use Photoshop. Canva works for me, although I’m not opposed to finding another solution. Leave me a comment below and let me know what works for you!


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