How much “You” should you put out there?

Simple enough question, right? Or is it?

If you spend a lot of time online you’ll notice that vulnerability and authenticity are the new black.

This is great, right?

Because it wasn’t too long ago that you kept some of the best parts of yourself under wraps for fear of being unprofessional. Judged. Not taken seriously.

This is no longer the case. You might scroll through groups and see entrepreneurs divulging some of their most personal details and “embarrassing” stories.

You’ll read all about monthly incomes, relationship struggles, major losses and heartbreaks, mistakes, traumas, addictions and more.

This might have you wondering how much SHOULD you share? Should you dig through your mental archives to find those juicy stories? Should you reveal your most intimate secrets so you can be more “authentic?” Do you have to talk about all your struggles and setbacks, or the complete shit show you have going on right now? 😂😪😥 (Or is that just me???)

What if that’s not your style? What if you aren’t comfortable talking about your personal life? Does that mean you aren’t vulnerable and authentic enough?

Bah. No.

Being your own boss and owning your badass self means you CHOOSE how to run your business and what you share online.

Yes, it’s great to be vulnerable, but that does not mean you need to bare your soul to everyone. You can be discerning. You can be you however you want.

But, aren’t you supposed to leave your comfort zone?

Yeah, of course. But there’s a difference between “This feels a little (or a lot) uncomfortable” and “I don’t want to do it this way and this doesn’t feel good.”

YOU DECIDE. And yes, your business should FEEL GOOD.

Be who you are, where you are right now. Don’t worry about what “they” are doing or sharing. Share what you want, the way you want. When you want. Where and how you want.

Your biz, your rules. 🙂

One thing to ask yourself is WHY you are sharing something. Is it because you feel like you *have* to?

Because if that’s the case, you aren’t being authentic.

Remember, it’s not about what everyone else is doing. I follow women and men online who are talking about what they want to talk about, being themselves and being genuine. I’m attracted to that. It’s not about who has the “best” story or who gets the most personal. It’s about people doing and sharing what they love and creating that authentic connection. You can talk about whatever you want, just let it come from a place of love.

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