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So, when it comes to business, sales, marketing, email, social media and all other things internet + biz, which way is the right way?

When it comes to manifesting your fondest desires, practicing your spirituality and expressing your own brand of woo, which way is the right way?

When it comes to building your tribe, how do you do it? What is the “right” amount of vulnerability? How much should you share? How often should you post? How much “You” should you put out there? What is the right way?

 Um, the way that works for you, duh.

Sure, some ways may get you where you want to go faster. I know there are strategies that might work better for me than the ones I’m using right now (re: zero strategy) but that’s got to be okay, because I’m just not much of a systems girl, never have been. Not to say I can’t benefit from a little guidance in that area, but the truth is I will never be that “type A” super organized strategic system chick that has my business dialed in so well it runs on autopilot and of course I make millions while I sleep and get pedicures and shit. At least I don’t think that’s going to happen. Who knows though? I wing it.

I am a “feeling” person. I am intuitive. I see and feel and I implement based on that. I tend to go back and forth a bit, as is my nature. This journey has been a scenic, windy road with lots of stops to poke around in dusty shops and cafes and hit a few roadside attractions. Sometimes I beat myself up for this, but it’s really not necessary (or advisable) because it’s getting me where I’m meant to be.

*Pro-tip: If YOU are also a “feeling” and “intuitive” entrepreneur, it sure does help to have people in your circle who lean more toward logic and systems. Because they will help you stay on track, create strategies and help make sure you actually get somewhere. Love my logical peeps.

Business That Is Good For The Soul

It’s important to me that I feel good about my business and that it satisfies my soul. I stepped away from freelance writing because it no longer felt good to write other people’s blog posts and website content. I realized I was hiding out, in a way. The last full moon showed me how I’ve been shrinking and keeping myself small due to shame and fear of being seen. Yuck. No thanks. The intense energy I felt with the eclipse and new moon gave me the energy, insight and inspiration to put myself out there in new ways and realize more and more WHAT it is I want to do, WHO it is I want to serve and HOW it is I want to do it. YAY!

For me, being of service to others is a high priority. Creating is a high priority. Freedom, another high priority. My business must have those three elements in order for it to be what I consider successful.

What about you? What Are Your Priorities When It Comes To Your Biz?

Finally — I’m noticing more and more people are ditching some of the “rules” and making their own. I love this. I love saying “Nope, I don’t care how much MASSIVE results this will surely bring me, I don’t feel like doing it.”

Some examples: Not creating complicated, long sales pages, not focusing on glossy branding (aka “keeping it real”) Not creating 1:1 coaching packages, canceling something that doesn’t feel right, closing down a Facebook group, hosting an online course on Facebook instead of using an LMS, staying off social media altogether, or only doing business on social media etc., etc.

Where is online business going?

Wherever it wants, I guess. I feel like things are moving in a new direction — do you? You can bet there will always be experts to tell you the “secrets” that they use, and you can bet that ad dollars are always going to be a big part of online business. Oh, and funnels. They certainly aren’t going anywhere.

I think the one rule we can agree on is be you, be nice, and provide something of value. You may not become a raging success overnight, but you will definitely build something. Something that will last. No matter what the latest trend is.


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