Hey all! Can you believe it’s already October??? Yeah…me either. Fall is easily my favorite time of year and this fall in particular feels special to me.

I am pleased and excited to announce a new program I will be offering starting this month: LEAP into Abundance. It’s a four-week program with tons of content and I am rolling out the beta version this Thursday! Here’s more info:

When it comes to things like abundance, manifesting your best life and using the energy and natural laws of the universe to bring happiness, wealth and love into your life — honestly there can’t be too many people on board and sharing the message.


With that said:


***This is NOT a program about manifesting a million dollars or attracting your perfect partner***


It’s a 4-week group program full of support, tools, action and insight. It’s about getting rid of the bullshit that stands in the way of money, love and freedom.


L.E.A.P. into Abundance is for you if:


  • You’ve joined the groups and read the books and are craving a deeper level of support.
  • Are struggling with mindset blocks and wrapping your head around just how powerful you really are.
  • Negative self-talk — but affirmations feel “weird” or “icky.” (We’re gonna talk about why that is)
  • Dealing with doubters, lack of support and haters. (And FAMILY)
  • Struggling to take the next step.
  • Feeling like abundance is for everyone BUT you.


I love group programs. I love the support and the community. I feel like you can get SO MUCH work done in an intimate group setting. L.E.A.P is a program I’ve been working on for awhile and I’m super excited to share it with you!


What are you getting?


  • Lessons & downloadable worksheets emailed weekly.
  • Private FB group with loads of support and content.
  • Weekly activities designed to build momentum and manifesting mojo.
  • Live videos and Q&A sessions.
  • Giveaways!

I’m SUPER excited about LEAP — If you are interested, here’s the link.

***The program starts October 5***


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