Gawd, don’t you just LOVE personal development? Don’t you just LOVE becoming a better person, a little bit, every day?

I do. I’m serious, not trying to be funny at all. I love it. I love all my tools and techniques for digging deeper, clearing out limiting beliefs, bolstering my self-esteem and confidence, reaching higher heights of vibe-ness, clearing residual guilt and shame, getting in touch with my inner-knowing-inner-child-inner-goddess etc.

I love getting more vulnerable (well…okay not always) more authentic and more REAL. Like the Velveteen Rabbit. All worn and loved and falling apart and stuff.

But sometimes, I’m so sick of it all. So sick of reaching for yet another book. Sick of trying to sit and meditate when my brain won’t fucking cooperate. So sick of all the memes and quotes and inspiration. So sick of yet another guru who knows that thing that I need to know if I’m really going to “get it.”

Mind you, I am seeing more and more people saying “Hey, I don’t have all the answers, but this is what I got, maybe it’ll work for you…”

And that’s the best, right? When we realize that there is no ONE RIGHT ANSWER. But still, there’s an answer, right?

Sure. And sometimes that answer is just to stop for a minute. Stop trying to be better. Stop trying to out do yourself. Stop trying to improve and just be who you are. It’s not that bad, you know.   

So once again I reach for that elusive quality of balance in my life. Balance between relentless self-improvement and examination and exploration. And just…being. Not analyzing. Not trying SO DAMN HARD. Allowing.

I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m honestly excited. My plan is to have more fun and let myself be flawed. I plan to revel in it more. Appreciate it more. Give myself a break. Bask in the not-knowingness of it all.

It’s okay to do that. It’s okay to be good enough, right now. It’s okay to enjoy your life and not try to “fix” anything.

What about you? What’s going on with your self-improvement? Do you get tired of it? Or are you looking for new ways to dig in and improve?

If you are, I’ve got something for you! Self-care is ALWAYS a good idea — but tends to go by the wayside so I created a workbook to help! I’m super excited to offer this because it gives you an opportunity to explore your beliefs and values when it comes to self-care, and there is also a cool worksheet that allows you to track your daily and monthly self-care habits. Here’s how to get the download:

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