That’s right. Somebody needs to hear what you have to say. Someone needs your wisdom, experience, knowledge and skills. (Probably a lot of someones!)

So Why Are You Hesitating?

If you are like most entrepreneurs, doubt is a frequent companion. (Go home, Doubt!) When it comes to creating a course, launching a site or writing a book — you have probably doubted whether you should put your “stuff” out there. What if it doesn’t help? What if no one is listening?

But SOMEONE does need it.

Doubt is normal. Unless you have an iron-clad ego, that is. And if that’s the case, you are probably in a different line of work. For those of us who are running a heart-centered business or a business that is centered around improving lives through health, wellness, spiritual or personal growth, doubt just seems to come with the territory.

Knowing that, and knowing that you aren’t alone, don’t you think it’s time you stop procrastinating and start creating and sharing?

What Are You Waiting For?

Here’s the thing: You won’t know who needs to hear your message if you don’t put it out there!

If you’re hesitating and waiting for the “right” moment to start that blog or create that course — STOP WAITING! You can’t help anyone if you don’t get out there and start doing your thing!

What If You Don’t Know Where To Start?

Another common problem! If you’re overwhelmed by getting your message out in the world sometimes the best thing to do is just start! Start small if you want, but start! You have so many options available to you, from blogging to vlogging to self-publishing ebooks to creating courses and membership sites, you name it! There has never been a better time to bring your message into the world. We live in a connected universe that allows us to create in new and exciting ways and share with others like never before.


How are you going to help people? That is always a good place to start. Next: Reach out. Talk to people. Ask questions and listen for the answers. Find your tribe and connect with like-minded people. Find out where your potential clients and customers are hanging out and go be there.

If you still aren’t sure how to approach your business, get some help. Find a mentor or a coach. Join a Facebook group and get some support.

If you have questions about creating content, leave me a comment or contact me. I would be happy to help you!


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